Cheeky Bidet

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The Original Cheeky Bidet that started a revolution of clean butts in America. Transform your bathroom and experience what you've been missing. Our original seat attachment bidet will leave you squeaky clean after every bathroom visit -- guaranteed. 

With your first splash of water, you will be joining a long overdue revolution of bidets in America. By installing your new favorite product, you will be saving over 300 trees and reducing your water usage by several hundred gallons per year.

  • Sleek addition to any bathroom
  • Saves a bundle on TP every year by reducing usage by 80% 
  • Uses the same clean water you wash your hands with 
  • Less intrusive design than our competitors
  • Requires no electricity
  • Self cleaning nozzle 
  • 30-day risk-free guarantee 


Customer Reviews

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Doug azevedo
Great Product!

The Cheeky Bidet has been such a joy. The setup is easy, the use is a pleasure, and the amount of TP I am saving on is worth the purchase alone. I would and have recommended this product to anyone looking to get a bidet.