About Us

At Cheeky Bidet, we want to solve one of the world’s most baffling problems: dirty butts from the use of dry toilet paper.

Sounds like a small problem, eh? Not when you realize that the global consumption of toilet paper means that 27,000 trees are wiped out every day!

The second problem toilet paper presents, is it just sucks to wipe with. It’s dry as heck, it doesn’t clean your butt properly, and it can clog the ever-living crap out of your toilet.

Cheeky Bidet is run by a group of like-minded people (with clean buttholes) who have made it their life mission to deliver the miracle of Bidets to America.

Our founder first discovered the beauty of washing your rear with water in Thailand after a bad bout of food poisoning, and never turned back.

We have tested tens of bidets to create the most optimal and easily-installed Bidet. We knew we needed:

  • A well-angled nozzle to hit the sweet spot after a dump.
  • A self-cleaning nozzle to keep things clean down there.
  • A guard to stop any back-splash.
  • A sleek design to match any modern bathroom

We think we’ve found the sweet spot for a modern bidet that will fit any bathroom, save you a bundle on TP, and save the trees.

At Cheeky Bidet, we have a vision of a world where everyone has clean rear and clean conscious, where we don’t log the forests for wasteful TP, and where every bathroom has the loveliness of a bidet.

To Clean Butts!


Team Cheeky