FAQ For Eco-Friendly Booty Washin' | Cheeky Bidet

How is a bidet cleaner than good ‘ol toilet paper?

If you somehow pooped on your arm, would you just wipe it off with a napkin and continue on with your day as if that were a sane thing to do? No. No you wouldn’t. A bidet will properly clean your butt, and save you a bundle per month on toilet paper. 

So why is toilet paper bad?

Toilet paper is a dry material that causes friction on your bum – a very sensitive part of the body. The more you wipe and wipe (we all know the poos that demand endless wipes) the more likely you are to develop irritation and hemorrhoids. Cheeky Bidet will cure all that ails your rear. 

But what about wet wipes?

Wet wipes seem like a great idea at first, but not when you dig deeper. For one, they will clog your toilet to the point of no return. Plumbers refer to the buildup of wet wipes in sewage systems as “Icebergs” that block the flow of waste. 

Get this: Sewers must be shut down and the wipes must be taken out manually (yuck).

Wet wipes are often labeled as “flushable,” when in reality, wipes are made of micro-plastics that do not degrade in sewage systems and cause massive blockages.

Lastly, wet wipes leave moisture in your butt, a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Wet wipes can also cause allergic reactions in some people, due to being filled with chemicals and additives like castor oil.

Does Cheeky Bidet work for washing the... Vagina??

YES. Cheeky Bidet is a perfect tool for cleaning up before and after sex.

If you’re worried about getting dirty water in your vagina – worry not. Using a bidet has been proven to be an effective way to reduce the occurrence of UTI’s.

Wait, can more than one person use a bidet in a house? Is that sanitary?? 

Cheeky Bidet has a self-cleaning nozzle function that will wash itself before every use, so YES, you'll be good.  Additionally, our bidet is angled safely out of the way, protected by a full-length nozzle guard, and the auto-retracting nozzle only lowers into position when the water is activated keeping things untouched and sanitary.

Nope! Our signature bidet only uses water from your house -- making it the most environmentally-friendly way to keep your rear clean.