DIY Installation | Cheeky Bidet

Cheeky Bidet can be installed in 10 minutes without any special tools and have you feeling handy in no time. 

Bidet Squirt Gun GIF by cccomaha


Follow along with our install video on Cheeky Bidet's Youtube here


See our online installation guide

For unusual plumbing cases you may need a couple alternative items to install your Cheeky Bidet. 

 1) If you don't have access to your toilets water inlet, you will have to connect to the water supply valve on the wall. 

To do this, purchase this T-adapter. Check with your local hardware store if you have questions about compatibility. 

2) If your water supply line is a hard pipe you'll just need to swap it out with a flexible hose. 

You can find a flexible hose at your local hardware store like this one. To be 100% sure of compatibility, bring the hard pipe with you to your local hardware store and talk to a helper.